Q: Who is eligible to participate in The Morris County Park Police Junior Police Academy?

A: Any student who will be entering grades 5-8 in the fall is eligible to apply to the program. 

 Q: Will I have to pay for my son/daughter to attend this program? How do I pay?

A: The fee for this program is $150.00. The fee covers the cost of uniforms, equipment, lunches, and program upgrades. The payment will be due via PayPal upon acceptance to the program. 

Q: My son/daughter would have to miss a day or two, can they still attend the academy?

A: We will not be accepting any applicants who are unable to attend each day of the entire week. This includes absences for vacations, sports, or any other extracurricular activities. If coordinators are made aware that a cadet will miss any days upon commencement of the academy, the coordinators reserve the right to remove the cadet immediately. 

Q: What time does the academy run each day?

A: The academy begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. sharp each morning, and concludes at 4:00 p.m. each afternoon. 

Q: Will lunch be provided for my son/daughter?

A: No. Each recruit is required to have his/her own lunch for the first four days. Please label all containers with the recruit's name. Refrigeration will be available. Water will be provided throughout the day for recruits. On Friday, July 10th, the Academy will provide lunch to all recruits before graduation.

Q: What will my son/daughter have to wear each day?

A: Each recruit will be provided with a polo shirt, PT shirt, pair of gym shorts, and a hat as part of their uniform. In addition to the uniform provided, recruits are expected to wear athletic sneakers as part of their uniform (these will not be provided by the academy). T-Shirt and short sizes will be available prior to orientation for fitting. 

Q: How will the admission decisions be made?

A: This year's recruit class is limited to 40 recruits. Due to increasing demand and popularity, coordinators will render a decision by taking in a number of factors. These factors include, when the application was submitted, if the applicant has participated in the program and if so, how many times, and the quality with which the application is submitted.  An email indicating whether you are or are not accepted into the Morris County Park Police Junior Police Academy will be sent in early May. All other applicants will be placed on to a waiting list should any accepted recruits decide not to participate. 

Q: When is orientation? Is attendance required?

A: Orientation will take place on a week night in June at the Morris County Park Police Headquarters. Attendance is mandatory as we will be collecting the Authorization/Release and Medical Waiver/Release.  (Please print and complete these two forms and bring them with you to orientation.)  The final date will be decided as the process progresses. 

Q: What forms do I need for orientation?

A: Please print and bring these 2 forms with you to orientation.

                              Medical Waiver/ Release          Authorization and Release